Greatest Hacking Books

A collection of books that every hacker must read to get better at the art of hacking.

Kali Linux Bootable USB - Hackers' swiss army knife

Kali bootable USB ia a must-have DIY gadget every hacker must have in his/her pocket!

Best TV Series every Hacker must watch

What would you think defines a hacker's series, is it the tech jokes and lingo? Or the futuristic sci-fi imagery? Maybe raw acts of computer hacking for the sake of the greater good.

How to Hack a GoPro

Hacking a GoPro WPA2 Password. Why would one do that? Well... Why not!!!?

Best Documentaries for Hackers

These Documentaries are for Hackers, Crackers, Hacktivists, Coders, Designers, Gamers! All People Actually! It's modern history and facts about the magical art of the new world, Hacking!

Best Movies for Hackers

This article lists the top movies that every so-called hacker or beginner hacker should have watched at least once until today!

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