Get to know What's Sudorealm is all about

Welcome, you have discovered sudorealm, the pet project of a single Developer @d3adr1nger

Sudorealm is a multi-user blogging platform, it was created with the author in mind and it aims to provide an easy way for everyone to share their knowledge, give usefull information, express theirselves, and most importantly, become a part of a close community!

📝 Some general details

One could call Sudorealm a plain old-fashioned blogging platform. Well it is... For now that is 👀! But let's dive into some of Sudorealm's current and future features, and decide on its simplicity on our own.

  • You can start by becoming a Realmer by Signing Up
  • As a Realmer you can crown any post you like, that's right Crown!!! 👑 it's a Realm after all!
  • Calling all authors, aka Sudoers! Get ready to unleash your creativity. Write new posts, keep drafts, and appoint them to a Realm. Oh, and don't forget the power of tags! Plus, spice things up by adding your favorite affiliate links to showcase at the end of your masterpiece.
  • 💰 But wait, there's more! Every Sudoer can create their own affiliate category and build categorized links! This will be a lot more fun in the future updates 👀
  • And hey, the excitement doesn't stop here! Many more fantastic features are on the horizon. So, if you're curious (which we know you are), keep scrolling! 📜

Creator's note

Hello curious people! I am Thanos, the creator of Sudorealm, or as you might know me @d3adr1nger. I am a passionate self-taught developer/hacker, who loves to create and share knowledge.

Now, let me give you a glimpse into the heart of the project, Sudorealm. It's not just another platform; it's a playground for innovation and exploration. Sudorealm is where I channel my passion for coding into something tangible, something that challenges the status quo and invites others to join in the journey.

At its core, Sudorealm is a manifestation of my relentless drive to learn and grow in the ever-evolving tech landscape. It's a canvas where ideas come to life, where creativity knows no bounds, and where the community plays a vital role in shaping its future.

Let's explore the endless possibilities, share our insights, and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of technology. Welcome to Sudorealm my friend – where innovation meets imagination, fun and creativity! Join the realm 😉

✅ Ready features

🔩 Under Construction

  • 🐞 Constant bug fixing. I swear I keep breaking stuff 😬
  • 🔏 Subscriber only content better design.
  • 💻 Better Event System code arcitecture for Budges
  • Discord Notifications of cool user actions
  • Personal Feed 👀, A feature for every realmer! Access all your crowned posts, browse through your saved posts.

🔮 Future Features

  • Guest Posts ability for every Realmer.
  • Following System for users. Waiting for more Authors to subscribe.
  • Declare Realm Kings and Queens🤴🫅. Who shall rise to the throne of their favourite Realm?
  • Sudorealm Analytics
  • Affiliate Store front 🏪 👀! A section for every Sudoer, with all the public affiliate links that he/she has created for all the Realmers to roam!
  • Sudorealm API, stay tuned for that one.
  • Many more... Who knows what the future holds, right? 🔮

🤝 We Want to Thank!

Without them we would still be drowning in a sea of bugs! But!!! With their generous attributions we have managed to just float in a sea of bugs. We are very thankful for their time!
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💬 Reach to us!

You can always send us a message through our Discord Server.