Get to know all about Sudorealm

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All about the sudorealm blog platform

Get to know All about Sudorealm

Welcome, you have discovered sudorealm, the pet project of a single Developer @DevThanos

Sudorealm is multi-user blogging platform, it was created with the writter in mind and it aims to provide an easy way for everyone to share their knowledge, give usefull information, express theirselves, and most importantly, become a part of a close comminity!

📝 Some general details

One could call Sudorealm a plain old-fashioned blogging platform. Well... it is, For now that is 👀! But let's dive into some of Sudorealm's features.

  • You can become a regular Realmer by Signing Up
  • As a realmer you can crown a post, that's right Crown!!! 👑 it's a Realm after all!
  • As an author a.k.a. Sudoer you can write new posts, keep drafts, appoint them to a realm and give to them new tags. Also you could attach to them affiliate links that you want to showcase at the end of your post on a dynamicaly generated section
  • 💰 The affiliate link feature is a bit more complex than it seems. Every sudoer can create their own affiliate category and build categorized links! This will serve a higher purpose in the future updates 👀
  • No hidden fees!
  • Many many more features coming!

The Creator's note

The main concept behind Sudorealm is that I didn't really want to go the easy way, to download and install a wordpress blog and click my way through new features. Since I am a coder I thought I should built something from scratch. I don't even care if this project will generate any revenue whatsoever, I am here for the ride you know and create whatever I see fit, or whatever the community suggests. I am here to listen and have fun. Who knows where that will take us! 😎

✅ Roadmap/ToDos

  • 🐞 Constant bug fixing. I swear to God I keep breaking stuff 😬
  • A Page with all the Realms, like a showcase - ✅
  • Newsletter, a very boring task... will do it though, 'cause I love spamming people! 😈
  • A Better Following System. I built one on the previous Sudorealm which was not scalable...
  • Declare Realm Kings and Queens🤴🫅. Who shall rise to the throne of their favourite Realm?
  • Affiliate Store front 🏪 👀! A section for every Sudoer, with all the public affiliate links that he/she has created for all the Realmers to roam!
  • Personal Feed 👀, A feature for every realmer! Access all your crowned posts, browse through your saved posts etc... I don't know, whatelse? You tell me 😊
  • Ability to Sign up with your Google Account
  • Badges!🎖 Based on your activity in the realm all users will acquire Badges!
  • 🚩 Special posts with unlockable content! Solve the question get extra content! 😍
  • Many more... Who knows what the future holds, right? 🔮

🤝 We Want to Thank!

Without them we would still be drowning in a sea of bugs! But!!! With their generous attributions we have managed to just float in a sea of bugs. We are very thankful for their time!
Shoutout to:

💬 Reach to us!

You can always send us a message through our Facebook page.
We also got a new Discord server cooking up to integrate it with the site and use it's notification system. So stay tuned for that too.

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