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Video Games

Is it wrong to play video games on Easy Mode?

The negative criticism that Easy Mode receives from part of th...
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Video Games

Nintendo Wii U: A versatile system that deserves more attention

An underestimated console with a small but solid library

Video Games

PS Plus Games on April

Quite big games in my humble opinion!
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@Yanakin | Mar 31st, 2021

1 minute read


Css Pokeball with Animation

Jump into the amazing world of CSS animations by creating your...
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@d3ad R1nger | Jan 29th, 2021

7 minute read

Video Games

PS PLUS Games for February

What a time to have a Playstation console!
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@Yanakin | Jan 29th, 2021

1 minute read


Greatest Hacking Books

A collection of books that every hacker must read to get bette...

Movies & TV

The Mandalorian: The Star Wars franchise at its finest

The Series which secures the future of Star Wars Universe
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@Pakon | Dec 9th, 2020

2 minute read

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