Laravel blade SVG component part 2: Tooltips with alpine.js

Laravel blade SVG component part 2: Tooltips with alpine.js

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Hey there, fellow SVG enthusiasts! Remember when we embarked on that adventure of creating a dynamic SVG component with Laravel Blade? We dove deep, solving the problem of bloated SVG lists, and, lo and behold, we crafted a single, mighty SVG component to rule them all. If you missed it, take a peek at Part 1. 🚀

Alright, let's level up! Today, I’m back with part 2, and it’s time to sprinkle some magic dust on our SVGs. Let’s talk tooltips with Alpine.js. Because why should SVGs just be visual? Let’s make them informative! 🤓✨

Enhancing SVGs with Alpine Tooltip Integration

Integrating user-friendly elements into our designs ensures a seamless user experience. Enter Alpine Tooltip - a custom directive crafted for Alpine.js by Ryan Chandler. By integrating this directive with our SVG components, we'll effortlessly add interactive tooltips to our icons. This guide walks you through the integration process, showcasing how you can enhance your SVGs to be more interactive and informative. Elevate your SVG game and provide users with clear, context-rich visuals, making your site stand out both in terms of usability and SEO.

⼻1. Install Alpine-Tooltip

Install via NPM Begin by installing the package using npm:

npm install @ryangjchandler/alpine-tooltip

Register the Tooltip Directive After the installation, we need to add the x-tooltip directive to our Alpine.js project. To do this, register the plugin with Alpine in our resources/app.js:

import Alpine from "alpinejs";
import Tooltip from "@ryangjchandler/alpine-tooltip"; //THIS IS NEW

Alpine.plugin(Tooltip); // THIS IS NEW ALSO

window.Alpine = Alpine; 

Add the required CSS: For the tooltips to display correctly, we must include the appropriate CSS. Include the following stylesheet in our HTML document:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

⼻2. Update the current to use tooltips

The power of blade lies in its flexibility and extensibility. Let's take our SVG component to the next level by integrating tooltips. And the coolest of all is that we can tweak the component in such a way that it will not produce any bugs whatsoever on the already applied components in our project.

Before: The SVG component was straightforward. It rendered SVG icons from the tabler-sprite.svg file. However, there was no provision for tooltips.

<svg {{ $attributes }} width="24" height="24">
    <use xlink:href="{{ asset('tabler-sprite.svg').'#tabler-'.$svg }}" />

After: Now, we've enhanced the SVG component. By integrating the x-tooltip directive, we can easily display tooltips on SVG icons. The new component structure accepts two properties: title for the tooltip content and svg for the SVG icon reference.

    'title' => '',
    'svg' => '',

<svg {{ $attributes }} x-data x-tooltip.raw="{{ $title }}" width="24" height="24">
    <use xlink:href="{{ asset('tabler-sprite.svg').'#tabler-'.$svg }}" />

Now we can use this cool component like this:

    title="Show Post"
    class="text-indigo-400 transition cursor-pointer hover:text-indigo-600"

And we are all set!


With the alpine-tooltip directive now part of our SVG component, there's a whole new world of enhancements and tweaks at our fingertips. And this is just the beginning!

If you're curious about further amplifying the capabilities of this component, check out the alpine-tooltip directive's documentation. It offers insights into advanced configurations, modifications, magic functions, and more.

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Thanks for joining me on this SVG component journey with Laravel and Alpine.js. I'm always on the lookout for cool updates and ways to make things better. Whenever I find something new and exciting, I'll be sure to share it here. So, stay tuned for more updates in this series. Keep coding and exploring!

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