Bun | A fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime

Bun | A fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime

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Bun is a JavaScript runtime.

  • Speed. Bun starts fast and runs fast. It extends JavaScriptCore, the performance-minded JS engine built for Safari. As computing moves to the edge, this is critical.
  • Elegant APIs. Bun provides a minimal set of highly-optimimized APIs for performing common tasks, like starting an HTTP server and writing files.
  • Cohesive DX. Bun is a complete toolkit for building JavaScript apps, including a package manager, test runner, and bundler.

Why use Bun?

  • Just Works Node.js compatibility.
  • Works with node_modules
  • Native TypeScript support !!

Tired of NPM? Use Bun!

  • Extremely fast performance.
  • Out of the box workspace support.
  • Global install cache!

Want to learn more?

Visit their amazing website, where you can find more details by clicking here

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