91 days: Anime review

91 days: Anime review

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A small straightforward story

In my humble opinion what an anime needs to be successful are 4 things: Story, characters, music and the execution.


91 days takes place in the early 20th century prohibition America, more precisely the story starts in 1921, when the Vinetti (mafia) family visits the Lagusa household with the ultimate goal to murder everyone there and burn down the place so they leave no clues behind. Angelo Lagusa (main character) hides himself and witnesses his family’s murder, after he manages to escape he disappears for 8 years until he receives an anonymous letter that shows him the people responsible for the murder of his family, and thus a revenge story begins.


They are well written and every single one of them has something to contribute to the story or to another characters development, everyone except from this one (Fango), I believe he was a lot over the top and he didn’t fit in this anime overall.

Angelo uses a fake name, Avilio Bruno, to introduce himself to the Vinetti family as a small liquor seller and quickly realizes that to cut the head of the snake (Vito Vanetti) he first needs to get close to his elder son Nero Vanetti. Angelo is a patient predator who waits the perfect moment to play his cards and on top of that he is great at hiding his feelings and motives to those around him, however that’s a bit dull for a character, so to complete Angelo Nero is introduced, a reckless, outgoing, brutally honest and doesn’t play by the rules guy. The chemistry between those two is top notch, to the point that sometimes you forget Angelo is there to take his revenge, and keeps you on the edge because the moment Nero finds out who ‘’Avilio Bruno’’ really is everything can go south.


The music really puts the mood, it blends in perfectly and you really feel like you are watching something similar to the Godfather. People’s clothes, the buildings, the cars and of course the tommy guns remind you when and where the story takes place.


The execution of the idea has some flaws, like the pacing which differs on various episodes or an action Angelo takes (which I don’t want to spoil) that pointed at him as main suspect but it was ignored. Despite its flaws the anime has done a great job at portraying characters been affected by the ‘’mafia effect’’ they are surrounded with, money and power sure know how to lure the more ambitious but things get complicated when harmless people get involved too.

Even though the conclusion of the story is left a little ‘’open’’ it still manages to pass to the viewer what does one gain when revenge is his only motive, what’s left there and what could have been!

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