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All about Sudorealm

In short, Sudorealm is a blog like every other but with some differences.

You can easily roam around in various categories and tags and find something interesting without even logging in.
( Nothing different about that, I know. )

But! What happens if you like what you see and want to be a member?

Just Sign Up, and instantly gain a few more abilities while roaming around the sudorealm.



If you join in we will instantly start calling you a Sudorealmer, so you'll have to live with that.

Sudorealmers have some privileges:

  • Your own Dashboard with extra Settings of your Profile and we always keep adding!
  • Liking functionality, You can now like any post and have quick access from your Profile in the Dashboard.
  • Have an Author you like? You can navigate to any Author's Profile Page Just by clicking his profile image on any of his posts.
  • Category Following, You can follow any of the Sudorealm Categories (or Realms).
  • Personal Page, That's a cool one 💥, After you have followed your favorite Categories you can then go to your personal page and browse through posts only from these Categories. 🤯 Can a WordPress Blog do that?


Our Authors

We are currently in the recruiting process since it's still the beginning of our journey.
If you want to become a Sudorealm author just hit us up from our contact page. Or send us a request on Sudorealm on Facebook we’ll be delighted to chat with you!

Sudorealm also offers a cool way for its authors to make money. Every author can create product cards with their affiliate links to advertise at the end of their blog posts. This is a “premium” feature only available to authors, for free of course.

You see, Sudorealm is a passion project, it’s not just another WordPress blog that was developed just for profit. It was developed from a one-person team and its vision is to grow into a sharing and caring community about all that is nerdy!

Some Future Features

  • Ability to Follow your favorite author.
  • Subscribe Capability.
  • More and More to come...

You can always hit us up on Facebook and give us Ideas. If it's good we'll do it, if it's not good then... 😁

Personal Page Feature

Become a Member and create your personal feed by following any category you like!